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At Second Earth we don’t just make the best eco yoga mats in Australia. We make a commitment to the planet with each and every mat we produce. 100% sustainability, 100% eco-friendly, 100% non-toxic, ethically sourced material, amazing durability, carbon neutral delivery. These are just some of the reasons you can feel good about buying (and why we love producing) the best eco yoga mats in Australia.

So go on, do it. Take one small step right now, and bring out one great yoga warrior within. It’s a no-brainer.

P.S. Your studio cred will sky rocket when you're seen downward dogging on our cutting edge mats :)

Second Earth Award Winning 2E 'Connected' Yoga Mat


We are delighted to announce that our 2E 'Connected' yoga mat picked up a Bronze medal in the Australian Non-Toxic Awards for the whole of yoga category. The awards celebrate products that are safe, ethical, sustainable and responsible.

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  • Second Earth Australia's Best Eco Yoga Mats

    Yoga student

    "Just to let you know I absolutely love my Second Earth Yoga Mat. It's the best one I have ever owned. Love the weight, the grip and best of all the sustainability.....which is why I bought it." - Jo, Yogi, Tasmania

  • Second Earth Australia's best yoga mats

    Studio Owner

    "I use a Second Earth yoga mat and it is hands down the best mat I have had in a very long time......and I have a lot of mats!"’ - Sarah, Studio Owner

  • Second Earth Australia's Best Yoga Mats

    Award Judge

    "It’s hard for me to share what I love most about this product, as I love so much about it! The mat looks beautiful and earthy and if I had to choose my favourite aspect of this product it’s that the mat is so grippy. It’s the first thing I look for in choosing a new yoga mat." - Melissa Mai, Judge for the Australian Non-Toxic Awards 2020 @_melissa_mai

  • Second Earth Australia's Best Yoga Mats

    Yoga Teacher

    "I recently bought a Second Earth yoga mat and it is the best yoga mat I have ever used! I have used many mats over the years, and the material they use for this mat is so soft on your hands but also so grippy. A big bonus is how eco-conscious this Australian brand is too. I couldn't recommend this mat more highly!" - Simone, Yoga Teacher, Sunshine Coast

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