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Safe and Secure

I'm eight months pregnant with our second child and a few days ago, I had a bad fall. A quick x-ray told me 'the good news' - "no breaks but you've probably snapped a ligament". Wind the clock back 24 hours and I had been enjoying my final class in a pre-natal yoga series run by a wonderful local yoga studio. Being in my third trimester, I had to be particularly mindful of stability as my centre of gravity has shifted and the weight I'm wearing is not all my own. The teacher that ran the course was excellent and catered for women at every stage of pregnancy so I trusted that she knew what was best for me. I...

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My New Age Nana

I can remember my Nana taking me to yoga classes with her before I even went to school. I’m pretty sure I did a lot of monkeying around, and then a lot of lying around, but I knew that yoga was a special time for Nana and a special time for us both. She would take me to classes set in old churches or school halls and as I grew up, we would practice yoga together at her little cottage in Buxton. Sometimes, we would walk through the bush to find a clearing with some sort of rock to sit on and meditate together. My Nana is someone who finds immense joy in the small moments and experiences that make...

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De-tox baby

I must admit, I didn’t really give a lot of thought to how many chemicals were in the products I used on a daily basis. I mean, yes, I liked whole foods and I understood that I needed to fuel my body a certain way but I didn’t appreciate that simple things like the shampoo I used was actually laced with chemicals that aren’t all that great for my body. It was only when I became pregnant that I started looking at all the little labels and what they were really telling me. A growing baby is far more sensitive to chemicals than a grown adult is. Like many expecting Mum’s, I swapped my regular gym sessions for Pregnancy Pilates...

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