Australia's Best Yoga Mats

"I'm not sure if I'm meant to return the Second Earth yoga mat after my review, but I'm keeping it and giving away all my other yoga mats!" - Shyamala Benakovic, CEO, Yoga Australia and New Zealand @yogaaustralia

"It’s hard for me to share what I love most about this product, as I love so much about it! The mat looks beautiful and earthy and I happened to receive my favourite colour – green. If I had to choose my favourite aspect of this product it’s that the mat is so grippy. It’s the first thing I look for in choosing a new yoga mat." - Melissa Mai, Judge for the Australian Non-Toxic Awards 2020 @_melissa_mai

"I use a Second Earth yoga mat and it is hands down the best mat I have had in a very long time......and I have a lot of mats!"’ - Sarah Tucker, Studio Owner at Nest Yoga, Perth @nestyoga

“Fantastic yoga mats. Possibly the best going around.” - Wayne, Marrickville

I’m back for a second time because you guys are amazing and I’m so incredibly happy with my yoga mat I bought last year! You’re not kidding about selling the best yoga mats and I’m very excited for my new strap and blocks. Thank you for creating amazing and sustainable products! - Johanna, Chippendale

I received my yoga block and love using it just as much as I love using my Second Earth mat and I am really stoked to support a brand that is mindful of the earth and its impact for all beings. - Evelyn, Emerald Beach NSW

"This is such a grounding mat! The design is simple, earthy and very pleasing. It unrolls perfectly flat right out of the box, so no sticky edges interrupting your practice! The grip is great – I feel really supported and know I won’t slip in my down dogs — meaning I feel like I can push a little deeper in my practice. The size is perfect, even enough room for longer limbs to stretch out! The thickness is the perfect cushion for a stable yet comfortable practice even on elbows and knees. The jute and natural rubber create a really lovely partnership – I love knowing that there are no harmful or toxic chemicals in my mat and helps me to feel really grounded and connected to the earth and myself. It even comes with a cotton carry strap, for even more functionality. I also used the carry strap doubles as a yoga strap to deepen my poses which I loved!" - Sjana Earp, Judge of the Australian Non-Toxic Awards 2020 and yoga influencer with 1.6 million followers @sjanaelise

"Just to let you know I absolutely love my Second Earth Yoga Mat. It's the best one I have ever owned. Love the weight, the grip and best of all the sustainability.....which is why I bought it." - Jo, Yogi, Tasmania

"Such fantastic grip! As someone who tends to get a little slippy during yoga practice, the grippy surface of this yoga mat is truly valued. I love the smell of jute + natural rubber. I’m impressed by the extra steps this brand takes to support various charities and causes." - Emma Freeman, Judge of the Australian Non-Toxic Awards 2020 @the_tealady

"I have had my Second Earth mat for 3yrs now, with a daily practice and teaching up to 13 classes a week I have given it a proper workout and it is still as grippy and intact as ever! I am so impressed that Second Earth not only promise such a high quality, eco conscious product, they genuinely deliver it. I would get another Second Earth mat, but I don’t know if my first one will ever need replacing!" - Renee Wilkinson, Yoga Teacher, Owner ‘The Open Mind Space’ Newcastle @renee_wilkinson @theopenmindspace 

"This mat feels supportive and is a delight to use. I love that it is super grippy and its natural rubber smell is not overwhelming at all, even when first opened. It comes with a cotton carry strap which I found useful as rubber mats are naturally dense and so slightly heavier." - Emily Fletcher, Founder and Judge of the Australian Non-Toxic Awards @mynontoxictribe

“We have been using and stocking Second Earth mats in our Yoga studio since 2018 and absolutely love them. The quality is excellent and my mat is as grippy today as it was the first time I rolled it out. Second Earth are a great company to work with and deliver a quality eco conscious product. We are proud to stock these high quality mats and can recommend them to our students knowing they will be as happy with their mat in years to come as they are the first time they use it.” - Brooke Simpson, Studio Owner – The Yoga Place Blacksmiths @theyogaplaceblacksmiths

"I recently bought a Second Earth yoga mat and it is the best yoga mat I have ever used! I have been practicing yoga for more than five years, and I'm also a yoga teacher so I have used many mats over the years, and the material they use for this mat is so soft on your hands but also so grippy - so no slipping during Downward Facing Dog. A big bonus is how eco-conscious this Australian brand is too. I couldn't recommend this mat more highly!" - Simone Hockins, Yoga Teacher, Sunshine Coast

"I just used my Second Earth mat for the first time and a bulldozer wouldn’t have been able to pull me off it was so grippy! Money well spent. I can tell I won’t need to buy another mat for a very long time, if ever. The strap make it easy to carry as well so I can throw it over my shoulder and worry about all the other things I need to carry" - David, Yogi, Queensland

"I am really excited to surprise my husband with his own Second Earth mat for his first Father’s Day. I absolutely adore mine, its the best mat I’ve ever owned! Without exaggerating, I love it. So far we’ve been sharing my mat so it will be great to be able to do more things together, especially important since having a baby!" - Fran, North Bondi

"I bought my Second Earth mat at a time when I didn’t have a lot of money but wanted to ensure what I bought was quality. And I've never had such a grippy mat, it is absolutely the best quality mat I have ever stepped onto." - Cassie, Barden Ridge NSW

"After weeks of yoga mat research and years of practicing on various yoga mats, I decided to go with the eco friendly, sustainable mats from Second Earth. I can truthfully speak with my hand on my heart when I say that Ben from Second Earth was extremely considerate, clear in content and communicated beautifully back and forth without hassle or confusion. He followed up my enquiry with precision, heart and kindness. He simply wanted us to feel at ease when selecting the right Yoga Mat for our students and the studio.

Quite a few of our students walk/bike to our Yoga Studio so it was important for us to find a mat that was light in weight. The convenience of the carry strap got us over the line. Not only are you investing in a high quality, durable mat but the strap is simply a bonus for your buck.

We continue to sell Second Earth at Twine Yoga Studio and we are extremely grateful to support such a loving, down to earth family and the environment too." - Briony Bobeth, Studio Owner at Twine Yoga Studio, Newcastle @twineyogastudio

"I have been on the look out for a high quality mat which also ticks the environmental boxes. I am so happy I came across this incredible business. As a pilates and yoga teacher having a good quality and stylish mat that lasts is important to me. I am so happy with my purchase and can't wait to have one in each colour." - Jodie Tapper, Owner at Vital Wellness Yoga and Pilates @jodietapperpilates 

"I don’t usually email companies about their product but I felt like I had to because in my 20+ years of yoga I've never had a mat like yours. It’s so good and it actually is “non-slip”. I will be telling everyone about your mat and how fantastic it is to practice on PLUS being sustainable. Thank you second earth". - Julie-Anne, 20+ year yogi, Newcastle

“I just ordered two more mats! I’ve had my first Second Earth mat for over 2 years and use it daily and it is still as good as new. I love it”. - Cathie, Victoria

"I received my Second Earth yoga mat earlier this week and did my first practise on it this morning. I am so impressed with how stable I felt during my poses. It is truly a beautiful and robust product. Best of all I feel good knowing when it is time for it to go to 'yoga mat heaven’ the Earth won’t suffer. Thank you for providing such an outstanding product." - Anita, Stony Creek, QLD

"Namaste without any nasties! I've always been a health conscious person, but never realised how detrimental my yoga mat was to my wellbeing and the environment. My search for a mat that was sustainable, and beautiful led me to Second Earth and I've never looked back. I love the amazing grip under my feet when I'm flowing through class and feel at ease in savasana knowing I'm not breathing in any toxic chemicals." - Sarah King, Exercise Physiologist and Pilates Instructor at SK Active @sarahlizking

"Thank you so much to each one of your team. From your website, product and packaging designers to those who executed my purchase and it’s delivery. It was super professional and with super fast delivery (ordered Friday and delivered Monday to suburban Sydney during Covid "lockdown").

Every part of the order process was so well, so beautifully delivered. My whole experience has been top of the class. It has left me wanting to order more!" - Janette, Senior Yogi Practitioner

"I really love my Second Earth mat! It grips better than any mat I’ve ever used - you don’t slip at all during any poses! It’s perfect for use both indoors and outdoors (even at the beach!) and it rolls out flat every time, which is a bonus. The best part about this mat though, is that it is 100% eco-friendly and sustainable! This is such an important feature for me, as I’m sure it is for many people who are into yoga – which goes hand in hand with environmental awareness and love for the earth! I also really enjoy that it comes with a strap which I use sometimes in my practice and which also makes it’s easy to transport the mat around ;). Thanks!! I would highly recommend this mat to anyone!" - Kristy McAlpine, Yoga Teacher,  Melbourne @kreature.yoga

"Everyone is asking us what are these new mats you are using? They're so beautiful! And beyond the way they look, 2E mats feel amazing. From the moment I stepped onto mine for the first time it felt like coming home.

If I close my eyes I imagine standing on an earthy forest floor, thick with moss and sinewy tree roots. The length, weight, thickness and weave are all perfect! It truly feels like a second earth. Finally, a product that delivers on its promise." - Youngblood Roche, Director, Adelaide Ashtanga Yoga Shala

"Yoga mats hadn't been invented when I started back in the 1970s. As the years went by, blue PVC mats somehow became synonymous with yoga but I never liked them. Even when they changed colour I wasn't convinced. Setting up my own studio this year I wanted the equipment to be earthy and eco-friendly. After all, Planet Earth is our home and the best friend we have. I searched and searched, requesting swatches and buying mats from a couple of top contenders to try them out. I used my Second Earth mat for several months before taking the plunge and ordering a set for the yoga room. Ben was fantastic to deal with and that matters to me as well. Thanks Ben for creating remarkable yoga mats that feel just right." - Ahimsa, Founder, South Hobart Yoga & Meditation www.shyam.net.au

"I've been using my Second Earth mat for everything from home practice, to heated vinyasa. Oh my god, your mat is epic! It took me a while to trust the mat, but never have I gone so deep into each pose, like downward dog, confronting the fear of slipping. Thank you for this mat :)" - Roni, Yogi, Sydney

"Since becoming pregnant and having my baby I'm far more cautious and aware of the products we are both exposed to. I did Pregnancy Pilates and now my daughter and I do Mums and Bubs Pilates using the Second Earth Yoga mat. It is completely safe for me and my baby. Nearly all other yoga mats are made from PVC yet Second Earth yoga mats are completely non-toxic, Eco friendly and PVC free. 

I didn't realise how bad PVC was. Apparently PVC is the most toxic plastic that pregnant, breastfeeding women and babies should avoid as it's linked to hormone disruption, reproduction problems, developmental harm, asthma and allergies. That's certainly not something I want to mess around with! 

Apart from the health benefits the Second Earth yoga mat is comfortable, non-slip and I love the natural rubber and jute material. Plus, it looks great!" - Rachel, new mum, Brisbane

"What an awesome, feel good mat! After purchasing a Second Earth yoga mat, I took it backpacking which had me doing my own yoga practice all over the world. It's so motivating to have a mat that looks good, feels good, is perfectly grippy AND is made ethically.  The strap is a really convenient addition, making it easy to swing over your shoulder and I regularly use it for stretching and binds. My mat has been through a lot over the past few months with sweat, dirt and travel woes, but it looks and feels as good as when I first bought it - its tough stuff! I now realise how important a quality non-toxic yoga mat is - my practice has improved 10-fold! If you want to improve your yoga and do your bit for the environment, I highly recommend the Second Earth yoga mat!!" - Cat, Teacher, Newcastle

“It’s 10/10 from me on the beautiful Second Earth yoga mat! Not only is it non-slip, which is aiding my practice more than I could ever have imagined, it’s 100% sustainable which is so so important these days!! It's awesome knowing I'm practicing my yoga, improving my health and making a stand against any nasties in the products I own. And even greater knowing I'm supporting local Aussie business! Thanks Second Earth!” - Katie Buttler, Yogi, Perth

"It's the best investment I've made so far for my yoga practice." - Yoga student, Twine Yoga Studio, Newcastle @twineyogastudio

"I absolutely love my new Second Earth yoga mat! It's perfect for Ashtanga... nice and grippy. Thank you for my gorgeous mat!" - Leigh Reddall, Yogi, Perth  

"I just wanted to thank you very much for the most efficient and professional service from purchase to delivery of my 2E Connected yoga mat. It has already had an outing to its first yoga class and it was really comfortable and made a big difference to my practice. It definitely lives up to your promises on the grip. I really love it.

You have knocked my socks off with the experience, so to speak!

I am so impressed with your efficiency in conjunction with Sendle. Ordered Friday night, picked up on Monday in Coogee and arrived in Korumburra in country Victoria on Wednesday morning in time for my yoga class the next day. I was not expecting to receive it so quickly and am really grateful and want to congratulate you on your excellent efficiency, communication and customer service. The mat is really special - well done on the material and the design." - Pamela Binks, Yogi, Korumburra