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Microfibres Under the Microscope

Here's a really interesting article from our friends at about the impact of microfibres on the environment.  PUTTING THE IMPACT OF MICROFIBRES UNDER THE MICROSCOPE Jul 11, 2017 Microfibres are the single largest contributor to plastic pollution, despite their microscopic size making them invisible to the naked eye - meaning they are the biggest environmental problem you’ve never seen, let alone heard of.Up to 30 times smaller than a strand of hair, microfibres are tiny plastic strands most commonly found within garments made from synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester and spandex. Each time we wash our clothes, hundreds of thousands of microfibres detach themselves during the wash cycle, and pass through our washing machine filters due to their...

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Moyo World Blog Post

We are so excited and proud to partner with Moyo World which is an online community for ethical retailers and consumers.  Every product featured on Moyo World tells a unique story. Their ethical marketplace will connect you to products that are positively trying to help in the world, either by using salvaged or recycled materials, using all-natural dyes, or employing individuals who handcraft the goods they create.  Their website features several categories to connect every type of ethical consumer to what they are looking for, be it products that are vegan, sustainable, recycled, organic, eco-friendly, made from natural ingredients, or locally sourced. Check them out here They also just wrote the amazing blog post below about us.    Second Earth -...

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We are proud to partner with Brands For Good which is an online community that connects you with brands and the good they are doing. wants to empower us all with the knowledge and tools to take back our purchasing power and be a part of positive change. Check out their website which allows you to follow brands on their social and environmental journey here We were also lucky enough for them to write an awesome blog about us below YOGA-NNA WANT TO READ THIS Mar 15, 2017 Recently, I was lucky enough to sneak away for a mini vacay to Fiji. It’s soul purpose to relax and rejuvenate myself after the busy Christmas and New Year period. Mission accomplished. Days spent by...

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