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Mar 15, 2017

Recently, I was lucky enough to sneak away for a mini vacay to Fiji. It’s soul purpose to relax and rejuvenate myself after the busy Christmas and New Year period. Mission accomplished. Days spent by the pool with a book in my hand was just what I needed.

I feel it’s important to note that I am a gal who is always be busy. My weeks are filled to the brim with full time work, gym, sporting activities, dinners with my squad, spending time with my man and my family. So, taking a step away from this was something I really needed to do before I burnt myself out two months into 2017.

In between cocktails I tried my hand at the hotel’s many complimentary activities (being an active bee, I needed some stimulation during my day), one of which was sunset yoga on the beach. Full disclosure, I had never done yoga before but had heard it was a fantastic way to really RELAX.

It was challenging in that I discovered my balance is not as great as I’d thought (I can kind of blame the uneven sand for that though right?) But boy did I find my zen. The calm nature of the 60-minute session really took me out of my own chattering brain and forced me to breathe and acknowledge the togetherness of my mind and body. Although I was very close to falling asleep during the last exercise of the class, I left the session as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and replaced with a calm, buoyant strut.

Balance (in the mental sense) has an unbelievable power. By feeling in control your mind automatically opens itself to clearer thinking and heightened perceptiveness. This feeling is different for everyone, but for one to truely feel a sense of equilibrium, it typically relies on your physical and spiritual wellbeing to be aligned.

Balance (in both the physical and mental realms) is something that the yogis at Second Earth are very passionate about instilling in their daily lives. Which is why their 100% natural, sustainable and eco-friendly yoga mats were born. Unbeknown to many (including myself), typical yoga mats are infused with materials such as PVC, which is toxic at every stage of its lifecycle - including as you on it in child's pose at the end of a class. Through simple skin contact or inhalation we are exposing ourselves to the dangers of a chemical considered the most toxic plastic… (I had wondered why my cheap fitness mat smelt like a horrible combination of burnt rubber and sweat - well that’s certainly not seeing the light of day again!)

Second Earth have skipped the harsh chemicals and created a yoga mat that is made from all natural materials, and promotes balance throughout it’s entire lifecycle - helping you find your zen with its durable non-slip qualities and giving back to the mother nature once you are ready to move on to your next with it’s biodegradability.

With a distinct earthly look and feel, this mat is like your own slice of Earth for you to embrace in downward facing dog wherever you see fit. 

Sarah Tikfesis xx

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