De-tox baby

I must admit, I didn’t really give a lot of thought to how many chemicals were in the products I used on a daily basis. I mean, yes, I liked whole foods and I understood that I needed to fuel my body a certain way but I didn’t appreciate that simple things like the shampoo I used was actually laced with chemicals that aren’t all that great for my body.

It was only when I became pregnant that I started looking at all the little labels and what they were really telling me. A growing baby is far more sensitive to chemicals than a grown adult is. Like many expecting Mum’s, I swapped my regular gym sessions for Pregnancy Pilates and Yoga. Which I loved. Having been so particular about using all natural shampoo, eating frozen yoghurt instead of ice cream and even buying bamboo pregnancy clothes, I was not thrilled to learn that the PVC yoga mats I had been doing my classes on, were in fact toxic.

PVC is known to be toxic at every stage of its life cycle and we are exposed through inhalation and skin contact. It seems to me that practicing yoga on a PVC mat – especially when pregnant – is like going to work next to a petrol pump. You just wouldn’t do it. This was a turning point for me and our family and part of what inspired us to create a non-toxic, totally sustainable mat that we know is good for us, our baby and our planet.

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