Second Earth 2E 'Connected' Yoga Mat

How did we come up with the name ‘Second Earth’?

When we first started out, we wanted to design a product that was not only sustainable and planet-friendly, we wanted to create something special that would benefit every single person that stepped on to one of our mats. It was our vision to blend the power of mother nature with modern design. We also wanted to bring the very origins of yoga to the 21st century.

Yoga dates back as far as 5,000 years ago in northern India and back then, it was common for yogi's to practice barefoot on the earth. We absolutely love this concept of ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’, which now has scientific evidence to support it. So it seems like those original yogis back in India were really on to something!

Grounding or earthing is a technique that involves doing things that “ground” or realign your electrical energy by reconnecting you to the earth. So things like walking barefoot in the grass, lying on the earth or even swimming in the ocean are examples of grounding. It is definitely an under-researched topic but the most recent scientific research shows that electrical charges from the earth can have positive effects on our bodies. And studies have found that this can benefit things like inflammation, cardiovascular disease, muscle damage, pain, stress, depression and fatigue.

So given that your local yoga studio won’t like you bringing in a big bag of dirt to stand on in class, we decided to create a mat that was as close as possible to being on your own little piece of earth – your second earth. And that was the impetus for our business name and also led to our first and flagship yoga mat– Our 2E ‘Connected’ mat. Our 2E ‘Connected’ mat is made entirely of natural materials to try and replicate the earth and connect you to it during your yoga practice (but with the comforts of 21st century technology ;-)).

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