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We are so excited and proud to partner with Moyo World which is an online community for ethical retailers and consumers. 

Every product featured on Moyo World tells a unique story. Their ethical marketplace will connect you to products that are positively trying to help in the world, either by using salvaged or recycled materials, using all-natural dyes, or employing individuals who handcraft the goods they create.  Their website features several categories to connect every type of ethical consumer to what they are looking for, be it products that are vegan, sustainable, recycled, organic, eco-friendly, made from natural ingredients, or locally sourced. Check them out here

They also just wrote the amazing blog post below about us. 


Second Earth - Sydney

Lately, we’ve focused a lot on finding sustainable fashion brands, but being a conscious consumer entails so much more than just what you wear. Second Earth, an ethical Australian brand, wants to help bridge that gap with their carbon neutral, 100% natural yoga mats.

Yoga is all about being conscious, clearing your mind and taking a step back from the pressures of everyday life. And, it’s the perfect complement to living a more ethical lifestyle. That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with consciously made products while doing it (if you’re looking for some fairly made, eco-friendly yogawear, click here).

“We make a commitment to the planet with each and every mat we produce."
— Second Earth

If you’re thinking about getting a new yoga mat, you should: a lot of commercial ones contain harmful plastics that will live in landfills long after you’ve stopped practicing. “We were surprised to learn that the PVC yoga mats we previously used were actually toxic to our health,” Second Earth says.

Each yoga mat is made with two materials: natural rubber and jute, both of which are naturally biodegradable materials. These fibres are sustainably and ethically sourced from Vietnam and Bangladesh, plus they’re highly durable. Whether you’re working on a sweaty session at heat yoga or a more relaxing one at home, you’ll be happy knowing that your mat isn’t losing its strength.

Practising yoga is one way to find your happiness; and so is making conscious choices every day. Fortunately, with Second Earth’s commitment to providing sustainable, non-toxic, carbon neutral yoga mats, finding your chi has never been easier.

Moyo World - April 6 2017

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