My New Age Nana

I can remember my Nana taking me to yoga classes with her before I even went to school. I’m pretty sure I did a lot of monkeying around, and then a lot of lying around, but I knew that yoga was a special time for Nana and a special time for us both. She would take me to classes set in old churches or school halls and as I grew up, we would practice yoga together at her little cottage in Buxton. Sometimes, we would walk through the bush to find a clearing with some sort of rock to sit on and meditate together.

My Nana is someone who finds immense joy in the small moments and experiences that make up life – like the taste of honey from her friend’s hive, a butterfly on the windowsill or spoiling her granddaughter with food and love. As I’ve grown older and I now have a family of my own, I’m able to reflect back on how lucky I was to grow up with love and yoga and mindfulness (before it became cool that is) and appreciate the richness of whole foods and the intoxication of just being out in nature.

My daughter has just turned one and as I practice yoga and pilates at home, I encourage her to come and play (and rest) on my mat with me. I want her to grow up with all the love and calm that yoga can bring to your life. I feel good about having my little girl on our bespoke yoga mats that are completely non-toxic and I feel good knowing that our mats are totally sustainable and will only give back to the earth that we love so much.

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