Safe and Secure

I'm eight months pregnant with our second child and a few days ago, I had a bad fall. A quick x-ray told me 'the good news' - "no breaks but you've probably snapped a ligament".

Wind the clock back 24 hours and I had been enjoying my final class in a pre-natal yoga series run by a wonderful local yoga studio. Being in my third trimester, I had to be particularly mindful of stability as my centre of gravity has shifted and the weight I'm wearing is not all my own. The teacher that ran the course was excellent and catered for women at every stage of pregnancy so I trusted that she knew what was best for me. I also trusted my non-slip 2E yoga mat to help support and strengthen me throughout each transition. Ok, my new maternity 2XU's helped as well ;-).

Having an accident that has slowed me down a little more than I'd like, got me thinking about the choices we make and our innate preference to feel safe and secure in the world around us. If only I had worn different shoes that day, maybe the fall wouldn't have been so bad.

When you make an investment in yourself, think about what's most important to you. When it comes to your yoga practice, the environment that you create for yourself - be it, your yoga mat, what you wear or the teacher leading the way - all play an important role in fostering a greater sense of security so that you can truly let go and enjoy the experience.

So, what sort of environment will you create for yourself the next time you practice yoga?

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