Close up of natural rubber and jute surface

What's the deal with jute?

Jute is a plant fibre grown mostly in tropical countries like India and Bangladesh. The jute used in our mats is sustainably farmed in Bangladesh.

Jute is extremely strong and biodegradable. But one of the best things about jute is that it uses far less water to produce and has a much more eco friendly production process than any other fabric.

In our 2E Connected yoga mats we use a natural rubber and jute combination to delivery the perfect balance of comfort style and performance. The jute fibres reinforce the natural rubber which gives out mats better structure, strength and durability. Jute combines breathability with high tensile strength which gives a natural high-quality surface with excellent anti-slip properties.

We also choose to use a natural jute fabric in our yoga mats. It is not bleached or chemically modified in any way (which can be done to create a pure beige colour). Therefore the jute in our mats has some natural discoloration which means every single one of our mats is unique and earthy.

The jute and natural rubber combination work beautifully together to create a natural yoga mat that replicates the earth and gives you a grounding experience during your yoga practice.

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